Monday, November 25, 2013


Hero Home Updates!

So much exciting news I don't know where to begin! 

I left Tanzania on October 23 but before leaving, I was able to spend some time out on our land and see all the progress that is being made! It's unbelievable! Tabitha and the workers have done so much work, the land is almost unrecognisable, in the best way possible!!  Check out the before and after photographs!

Originally, we had cleared a small area for the kids to start playing soccer. I say small now, however, at the time, it definitely seemed like a decent sized area. We were limited because a neighbour was growing cassava root on our land and could not remove it until the rains started and soften the ground. Well, the rains came, the cassava went and the workers cleared a larger field. Now, the kids have a HUGE area on which to run, laugh, and play soccer! I'm completely biased, but I will say, it looks amazing! It still has a long way to go to be a standard soccer field, but it is definitely well on its way! The most exciting part is that they kids are coming out every day to play and practice and learn and be active! It is a beautiful site!!! We can finally say, our Heroes have arrived! :) 

Next up, the workers started digging a toilet. For once, luck was on our side and they dug 14' without hitting a single boulder, which in this particular area, is extremely rare. So, plans to make that the toilet were ditched and it will now become our well! They put the digging on hold until the end of the dry season so that they knew once they hit water, it was real water, not just superficial water from the rains. As a result of all that, they relocated the toilets and the new septic tank is nearing completion! 

But we are not done there! The updates continue! They have already made 3000 clay bricks (different than the cement bricks we were using on the original land, but equally strong and some would argue longer lasting). The foundation for the main house has already been dug when I was there and now, since I have left, construction has begun! Pretty soon, Hero Home will actually have a HOME! Tabitha also rented some neighbouring land to start a garden.. .and this is "not your grandma's garden!" This is the real deal! (no offence if your grandma has a huge garden! It's just an expression). The garden is huge and already has an abundance of carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach and other leafy greens, watermelon, onions, corn, and so much more! The soil is incredibly fertile and we are close to a stream and a pond so for once, access to water is not the huge issue it normally is. 

So, that is the majority of the updates! Check out the link to see some exciting pictures of all the work! 

Also, SUBSCRIBE to our youtube page! We have awesome videos of the construction of the additions to the St Laurent Nursery School (the library, the play structure, etc..) and Hero Home and coming soon, there will even be Swahili tutorials for anyone wanting to learn a little Swahili! 

We are so excited for the future and so relieved to be in a position where we finally feel like we are moving FORWARD.. not standing still or going backwards, but progressing forwards. We absolutely could not have done it without your support and for that we will be forever grateful! We ask that you continue to believe in us until we can become completely self-sufficient, which will take time, but will happen!! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH from all of us at Hero Home!!!